ManoMano reviews: 😱 Is it a scam or a reliable site? Read before you buy!

  • Products of superior quality
  • Service and products tested and approved
Disadvantages Delays noted in the delivery

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Have you heard about the website? It is the website which offers you the best products so you can find what you need in just one platform. If you are interested in DIY, decoration, or gardening, you will find in ManoMano a wide variety of excellent products to equip your home or apartment. ManoMano merchants offer their products on the platform, allowing buyers to have a unique place where they can find everything.

Manomano United Kingdom: buy online DIY equipment, gardening and renovation

Manomano United Kingdom: Buy DIY, gardening, and renovation equipment online is open to all brands, but it has strict criteria when it comes to selecting the best products which will be part of their website. This means that only products that are of great quality and are reliable are featured on the website. is the place you visit to find decorative products, DIY, and gardening.

Manomano: a wide choice of products at the best price on the web

ManoMano is an all-in-one website, where you will find materials for decoration, DIY tools and materials, and equipment for your garden and pool. The advantage of this site over other similar websites is that it carries a wide range of products at very competitive prices, making it similar to your local hardware and DIY stores but more convenient and with better choices. The reason why you can enjoy such great prices on Manomano is that it strives to negotiate the best prices from its merchants so you, their clients, can get the best prices.

Gardening, electricity, plumbing, decoration, renovation to make yourself: Manomano best products

Manomano different best sales products in categories like gardening, electricity, plumbing, decoration, renovation to make yourself. If you are looking for tools or accessories for bathroom, toilet, gardening, garden and pool or DIY tools, electricity, sanitary heating, plumbing for renovation or even DIY hardware for construction, you can surely find all of those and more on the site. Thanks to its 300,000 products and over 1,000 brands, you will surely find the best products that fit your needs.

ManoMano: A wide selection of products at the best price

Because Manomano has forged close ties with the various DIY brands, you can get all the materials you need to get started on your project and be as if you are a professional. On top of the wide selection of products, ManoMano also offers the most affordable prices; giving you great quality products without breaking the bank. ManoMano also saves you time and makes shopping more personal and convenient so, instead of going to the superstore, the DIY store closest to you, you have now the opportunity to get everything without going out of your house.

The best DIY brands in like Bosch, Grohe, Makita, Legrand, Debflex, Black & Decker

All the main DIY brands can be found on If you prefer to buy branded tools such as Bosh, Makita, Legrand, Debflex, Black & Decker, etc. you can also get your hands on these on the ManoMano website.

Manomano: the DIY Amazon at your service

When buying online, we always want to get the most of our money but the price is not the only basis for value. Aside from the quality of products, the customer service of the online service is also very important. When the website has both great prices and great quality service we can definitely recommend the site to everyone and even to our loved ones. ManoMano is one of those amazing sites that give you the best of both worlds. It positions itself as a middle person between the merchants and the buyers. It offers great customer service which listens to its buyers and makes you feel like you are buying in a physical store. This is a huge plus for those who miss the “human” aspect of shopping but still prefer online shopping.

Opinion and customer reviews that testify to the reliability and seriousness of Manomano in England

One of these clients who are completely satisfied with his order in ManoMano is Jose. He was so happy with the service he received and he highly recommends the website to our readers. Calling ManoMano the DIY Amazon is not for nothing and not just for show this is an actual reflection of how great the website is. This is why they are now present in Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany. Nothing is perfect and ManoMano is definitely not exempt from this rule. Behind this idyllic image hides an element which cannot completely be controlled by Manomano: the delivery stage.

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Fast delivery: The gray area of ​​ManoMano

As we have previously stated, Manomano operates as an intermediary between brands (sellers) and their customers. This means that they are a platform where sellers post their products and where customers can buy these items; so operations such as manufacturing and delivery are beyond their control. The only aspect that ManoMano can really negotiate on is the prices so that it can offer its clients much more attractive rates compared to what you would get when buying from conventional stores.

Delivery problems for some Manomano customers in England: delays that are expected if you buy from

The speed of the delivery is left in the hands of the sellers and hence there have been several complaints about slow delivery. So, you must be prepared to have the other side of the coin if you order on ManoMano. From time to time, especially during the holiday season, if the store is out of stock overnight or for any other reason, there may be delays in you receiving the package in your home. This problem should not be blamed on ManoMano, especially since they have advisors and customer service personnel who work to resolve these types of situations as soon as possible and they are also very transparent with their customers.

Manomano in the press: A great success Made in United Kingdom

ManoMano has been the talk of the town in recent months and it is likely that you have seen it on television, particularly on DIY programs. What lies behind the success of this company is that meets the growing needs of the market. It offers customers the best rates without sacrificing the quality of the tools and equipment for home and garden.

Many media and television newspapers have talked about the success of Manomano in the United Kingdom: good reviews by journalists

Manomano has a great reviews from journalists. Many media and television newspapers have spoken about the success of Manomano in United Kingdom. Most of the articles and columns are written in newspapers are favorable. Journalists tag it as a nice site that offers a wide range of products at unbeatable prices. This is another proof of the quality of ManoMano.

4 steps to order in Manomano

Since the Manomano site has no physical stock, they show the availability of products which are in stock on their partner’s end. After having selected your products, you will be able to fill in the necessary information for delivery and then proceed to the payment.

4 steps to buy Manomano in England: Secure purchase and fast delivery

The advantage of this website, as in the case of Amazon, is that they work closely with partners to guarantee the best products, but also to track the order. When you pay, the money stays “locked” for a few days while the supplier sends the order and only when you have the package at home, will the order be finalized and the money is finally transferred to the seller. This allows you to make sure that you will not get scammed and you can get your money back if for some reason you do not receive your package.

Customer testimonials and testimonials: Reputation and Efficiency of Manomano

Although you may find negative testimonials about the delivery (like the one we shared earlier), keep in mind that they represent only a fraction of the reviews about ManoMano. To look at how customers see ManoMano, we consulted the opinions gathered by the independent provider Trustpilot (which prevents falsifying the reviews of Manomano’s clients), which guarantees its authenticity.

General reviews and personal testimony about Manomano according to the Trustpilot ranking

Overall, ManoMano received an 8.5 trust score. Therefore, it has a favorable opinion in the eyes of its consumers. However, as mentioned above, there are some problems that may arise during the delivery stage and that can hardly be eliminated completely since there is the intervention of third parties responsible for the delivery of your packages such as La Poste or other private companies.

Our Verdict : Is Manomano a scam or a reliable service ?

In summary, based on the favorable reviews we have seen about Manomano as well as the quality of its service, we strongly recommend their service to our readers. You surely would not be disappointed with the quality and wide range of products they have.

Benefits and advantages of buying Manomano: choice, best price, security and customer service

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or an expert, you will find in more than 300,000 different items, which is more than what you can find in a traditional DIY store. They also offer competitive prices and decent rates that usually only professionals can obtain! Now that you know about this amazing site, what better thing to do than sharing this information to the people around you and family members who are trying to get DIY tools and everything related to the house?

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